Michelle Clarke

Michelle Clarke
Founder of NGT

Founder and owner of NGT. Born in 1955. Worked in the Merchant Navy for 12 years latterly as Captain on a luxury yacht. Also founder and owner of Marine Chart Services. Has been transitioning for many years. Helps as co-producer of events with Daventry Gender Clinic. Passionate about promoting trans awareness to all people in all industries and walks of life.

Shay Robertson

Shay Robertson
NGT Training Manager

Born in 1970, Shay started transitioning from female to male in 2011. Now fully transitioned he runs his own garage in Leicester. He is also on the coproduction team at Daventry Gender Clinic as well as certain private clinics. Additionally, he runs support groups online and face-to-face, when permitted. Shay gives 100% effort to help others and has been nominated for the National Diversity Awards 2020 for his continuing help to the trans community

Hellen Kelly

Helen Kelly
NGT Trainer

Born in 1964, Helen is a qualified teacher and Special Needs Coordinator, Helen has vast experience of working with whole school communities creating and delivering training courses which promote and support emotional wellbeing. She is also an Independent Celebrant & Life Storywriter and co-author of Michelle’s biography ‘From Ship to Shore and A Whole Lot More’. Helen has a close family member who is visually impaired.


Paul Fitzgerald
Client Services Manager

Born in 1958, I started working for the NHS in 1993 for North Warwickshire Mental Health Trust. I took a break from the NHS and travelled across the UK and Europe specialising in equality and diversity training and latterly investigating issues of discrimination within the public and private sector. This gave me a unique perspective on the different cultures within organisations. I was the Equality and Inclusion Lead for the East Midlands Ambulance Service and the East of England Ambulance Service and was in post from October 2015 to July 2021. The role was exciting, challenging and frustrating in equal measure. I worked across a large geographical area covering 11 different counties on behalf of EMAS and EEAS. I am also a Relate trained therapist and a relate trained psycho-sexual therapist.