Sally to Shay

This month we spotlight Shay Robertson, National Gender Training’s manager. Shay is fully transitioned from female to male and has been with us since the business was set up.

Shay has written a book about his transition – Sally to Shay – which is available from Amazon. The book is a chronological guide to each stage of his transition & includes events that happened alongside this.

Sally to Shay

Sally to Shay is a powerful story about one person’s struggle to live themselves and find self-worth. After a traumatic life from childhood through to becoming an adult, to finally find true love and happiness. Spending months under the surgeon’s knife to become his true self, Sally to Shay is a must-read for individuals and families going through the same turmoil. Also available now on Kindle ebook

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Published On: February 25th, 2021 / Categories: NGT Blog /

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